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Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Management System:

                The pharmacy management software is one of the main categories of healthcare software, one act as an application software and other as an online based software.

Integrating pharmacy management system into

·         Medical Scheduling

·         Online patient portal

·         Electronic health record

·         Medical billing

·         Eprescribing of controlled substances

·         Patient check-in

·         Clearinghouse and scrubbing tools

·         Financial Reporting and benchmarking

Medical Scheduling: Maintains the appointments. Instant booking and visibility on their mobile phones.

Online patient portal: patients control over their health care practice with an communicating patient portal and they can request document view, online bill pay, and appointments.

Electronic health record: It stores the patient to doctor and the doctor to employee communications and reports.

Medical billing: It helps in the billing process make easy. Medicines, drugs and retailers’ bills.

Eprescribing of controlled substances: It’s an electronic solution prescribing organized substances that defend you from the scam and misuse that can occur if your treatment pad (prescription).

Patient check-in: Scheduling update patient check-in while helping detention info that can expand income collection.

Financial reports: Stores the financial details to the database and also the financial performance.            


Online Medical billing software:

Web-based or online medical shop software applications have a user interface with a natural look and feel of a web page.

Advantages of Online Medical Store Software

·         Don’t require the software installation 

·         No other costs for servers and software

·         Don’t need any maintenance

·         No need to upgrade the software

·         Automatically stores, don’t need any backup’s

·         It can easily accessible from any personal computer using browsers

·         No other subscription costs.

Disadvantages of Online Medical Store Software

·         The Cost could be added per user

·         Dependent on a network connection

·         It has limited integration with other software apps or hardware devices


·         Capable of transferring your data

·         Patient statements and the Electronic posting.

·         Select your own intermediary

·         Better support from technical manner.

Before Expectations of service costs, request about the advantages and why a specific vendor is better than their opposition. When I was shopping a pharmacy management software for our business, I accumulated a simple spreadsheet list of all the features that were main or essential – including cost. It’s a good manner to get a side-by-side evaluation based on others.

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